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Lets Draw Pencil Drawing Course Review

Have you seen the cool new pencil drawing course that is causing a storm in the art world at the moment?

The Lets Draw - How to Draw course is designed for beginner artists, but even if you have been drawing for years you will also benefit. The course starts off by presuming you have had no previous drawing experience and builds you up from there. You are taught what equipment to get, you are then shown how to sharpen your pencils (some interesting ways that even I didn't know about), then how to use your pencils to get different effects, etc., up to the point where you are drawing anything you want.

The course is designed so you can follow it over a 27 day period, but as you download the course material or get it on disk you can work at your own speed. Every day has it's own lessons where you would follow, watch and then do the drawings before moving to the next day. If you decide to get the online version of the Lets Draw - How to Draw course then the lessons "open up" over the 27 days. You can then download the lessons and their videos to your computer. This lets you watch the videos and go through the lessons as often as you want. The DVD version is a set of 6 DVDs all sent in one big package.

The pencil drawing course is very comprehensive and has large drawings as well as many smaller drawings and exercises throughout, generally one per day. During the Lets Draw - How to Draw course you will draw from the customary shaded ball to common items through to animals and more. There is a nice mix between theory and practical to ensure that you can fully apply the knowledge in other drawings and are not just stuck with the drawings from the course like so many of the other pencil drawing courses out there. Each day builds on the skills learnt the previous so your drawings increasingly become more advanced as you become proficient in the techniques, and there is a huge emphasis on teaching as many practical techniques as possible. To give you an example - just the section on drawing textures demonstrates thirteen different techniques.

Then there are step by step lessons that teach you how to do shadings, do cross-hatching, scumble, enlarge and transfer your drawings to the drawing paper, compose and draw your own live still life drawings, to drawing en-plein air, how to draw leaves, grass and bushes, the list is almost endless. You really can draw anything after this course. What I would have liked to have seen added to the course is how to draw portraits, but besides that the Lets Draw - How to Draw course pretty much has everything else covered. Maybe the tutor felt that faces didn't belong in a beginner course? I feel though that after following this drawing course you will have enough knowledge and experience to be able to attempt portraits as well!

What is apparent throughout the course is the tutor's easy style of presenting the course content and the huge effort that has been put in to make sure the Lets Draw - How to Draw course is interesting and entertaining throughout. Every single one of the lessons are explained in an understandable way (one of the best that I have seen), using step by step drawings, photos, procedures, demonstrations, videos, animations, whatever it takes. There are also surprise visits, trips and twists & turns that keep you riveted to the last minute. The tutor even has an "assistant", Woody (an animated pencil), who gets up to all sorts of mischief during the course.

I think that this is clearly one of the most hands on and best pencil drawing courses available and I have no hesitation in giving the Lets Draw - How to Draw pencil drawing course 10 out of 10 if you want to learn how to draw.

The Lets Draw - How to Draw course is available in various formats - from an ebook to DVD to a full online course where the tutor helps you personally. There is even a PC version where you are shipped the course on disk. You then insert the disk in your computer (PC or Mac) and a menu opens in your web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.). You can then select from the menu to open each lesson pdf and watch the video lessons. The full course consists of a 300+ page pdf manual, over 5 hours of step by step video lessons, plus a hoard of additional handouts and extras, including the clever "Pencil Finder Tool" that practically tells you which pencil to use where.

You can even try the course for $1 to make sure the course is just what you were looking for. For more info visit the Lets Draw - How to Draw website and see for yourself why everybody is giving this course the thumbs up.